Sports injuries can be complicated...

The body is a complex machine of interwoven parts that all influence each other. A single injury can involve
not only the location of pain, but also can cause muscle guarding and compensation patterns in several other areas far from the injury location. Shoulder injuries can cause neck pain, knee pain can alter foot biomechics, low back pain can develop compensation patterns in the hips and pelvis... 

Abbreviated treatment times are not sufficient to properly address all the areas affected by the pain and inflammation of an injury.

Additionally, sports injuries can come with consequences and time pressures. Your team is counting on you to get back on the court, your foresome needs you ready for the tournament this weekend, you need to get back on your bike to ride out the stress of the week... 

A detailed treatment is needed to address all aspects of the injury in order to get you back as soon as possible.

Initial visits

A detailed history is essential to arriving at a correct diagnosis. Initial visits are 1 hour, which allow sufficient time to fully understand a patient's history and also allow for a detailed physical examination. These elements both contribute toward compiling an accurate diagnosis and set the stage for a successful treatment and positive  outcomes. The first half of the appointment is allocated for patient history and examination. The second half is allocated to begin treatment, if treatment is indicated. Sometimes complicated cases may require the entire initial time for the history and examination only.


We do participate in some insurance plans. Insurance coverage will be verified for in and out of network coverage. The patient’s insurance coverage will be verified and the results will be explained. This will occur as soon as the insurance company responds to our inquiry. A copy can be made of this verification, otherwise a verbal explanation of these benefits will be explained to the patient.